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Adobe Lightroom Apk is designed for people who are looking for the best photo editor to edit their photos. This is the best editor where you can enjoy editing your photos in different ways. different effects are available to put on your photo and you will enjoy photo editing with the help of cropping your photo and resizing your photos. A vast quantity of editors is available here to enjoy different ways of editing. You can make your photo professional with the help of this editor.

Introduction to adobe lightroom

It is the best and most ever recommended file, a photographer must have on their Android.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

You can use all of its features by installing its premium version. The updated version is available on this blog and the best thing is that it is free.


As technology is too advanced and everyone has a smartphone with the best functional cameras. This technology has made it easier for everyone to capture the beautiful moment they have spent in their life. Nowadays, every individual wants to have photos so they can share them on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others social sites.

Adobe Lightroom

For the best photos, now it is compulsory to edit photos using different software. Some people have chosen photography as their profession. So, different software was adopted on the PC to edit photos and those files take too much time. That software was too complex and time-consuming.


Even for one-time use, you have to spend a long time understanding its complex features. But now you do have not to worry about this problem. Because It has made it easier for every user. You can use it anywhere in the world, just on your android device. The template of this app is too much easy for every single person. Even a simple person who wants to edit photos for social media can easily edit the photos.

Best For Professionals

Some people like to work with perfection, It is best for them. In this file, it will not only change the filter. But it has a set of tools where you can alter your filter in a customized way. These tools were not available previously to photo editors.
I would like to explain adobe photoshop. It is the software of adobe. This is the most powerful and useful tool in the world. It is not like the other software used on computers in a complex way. Thanks to adobe, this software is very easy and you can edit your photos by doing some clicks. And this photo will be able to share on social media sites. If you do not know photo editing, after using its template, you can perfectly edit your photos.


For the first time, It was created for PC and Mac. Later on, fortunately, they created this software for Androids after high demand. All features of this file are not available on Android like on PC but you can use it on Android with most of the editing tools.
if you want to share your edited photos with your friends, you can do it by using a few steps.

Other Tools

You can also use some other photo editors like VSCO and Picsart.

Editing Tools

It provides you with all the basic tools for editing purposes. You can crop and rotate your photos to catch the best results. Photo cropping can be done by two methods, you can do it manually or if you select auto, it will crop your photo according to their ratio. With a single touch, you can change the angle of your photo by rotating and this is the easiest way.


By using older and more complex, there was a huge problem with the adjustment of light and color. It provides you with the best tool as a slider, where you can easily adjust the light of your photo and color as well. This makes good sense in your photo. For some objects you don’t like in your photo, you can simply remove those objects from your photo by brushing the feature.

Detailed Review

The feature of the watermark is also available for not facing copyright problems. The only problem is that this file does not provide you with watermark logos or images, it only provides the text watermark feature to prevent you from copyright problems.
It also provides you with a camera in their file. You can simply capture a photo from the built-in camera can edit it in various ways according to your demand.


There is a creative filter available, where you can give a retro shape to your camera. With a color filter, you can change the color of your photo, whatever color you want. As you capture a photo in time with low resolution. There will be noise. By using the detail feature, you can reduce the noise from your photo and it will give you a natural look. You can also convert your photo into black & white format. So, this file has all features you ever want to have on your mobile.

Deep Editing

By using 6 RAW formats, you can edit and change the different parts of photos. It will be more smooth for you to change different parts and after doing this your photo will be a professional look. Similarly, if you can edit multiple photos in the same way. If you edit one photo, it will simply apply this setting to all those photos.

There are huge photos clicked by professionals in the discover section. Many professional photographers post photos that are linked with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. If you think your photo is unique and professional, you can simply share your photo in the discover section. And it will be shared with everyone.

Post Your Photo Publically

It is available free for download. You can simply install and connect it with any social network like Facebook and Gmail etc. After signing up, you can use its multiple free features. But the free version does not provide you with all tools. So you can upgrade to the updated version where you have to pay $10/month. But, here is some good news for you. You can download the updated unlocked version and it is free of cost. Also, enjoy the other photography tools.

Free To Use

Now I will let you know about some of the advanced features that are given in new updates. Users can copy your setting if you apply a filter on one photo and you want to do the same thing with another photo. You can do this job with a single click on the copy setting. Another advance and the best feature is that you can upload your photo to the internet without reducing its size. After that, you can download your photo on any device. You can zoom your photo and can remove all the unwanted objects by using the healing brush. You can also categorize your photos. In this way, you can find your photos with a single touch.


Adobe Lightroom Apk Download provides you with all the basic and best options to edit your photos. One more plus point is that this is the latest version of this app. Don’t be late and just click on the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is it safe to download It Download from

Yes, you can easily download It from apkmod24 and we are providing the latest version of this app.

Q. Can we use all features of the?

Yes, It allows all users to enjoy all the features of this app.

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