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Garena free fire is a game full of action. You have to create a team of your characters, jump on the battlefield, use many resources enjoy the endless game. Garena free fire is the best game for the players, who don't want to have PUBG mobile. Developers have created an interface for this user-friendly and easy. So highly recommended and the best-using game is the garena free fire. One can easily understand and control its features.
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Garena Free Fire Apk is a game full of action. You have to create a team of your characters, jump on the battlefield, use many resources enjoy the endless game. It is the best game for players, who don’t want to have PUBG mobile. Developers have created an interface for this user-friendly and easy. So highly recommended and the best-using game. One can easily understand and control its features.

Introduction To Garena Free Fire

It is the most popular game available on the internet of battle royale, no game can compete with this. I have realized that the PUBG mobile is the most popular game. But the difficulty in this game is that you can never find its upgraded version. So, this is the best-recommended game to download on your android device. you can download apk versions from the download button.


If you are a beginner, you can use and play this game in a very professional way. It’s very hard to recognize and use the control beginners in PUBG. This game has developed just like the pubg but is user-friendly.


All the Detailed Features Are Given Below.


It has a lot of new features in the updated version. The feature available in the updated version is the aimbot. It is very difficult for players to kill their enemy at the time of running. If your enemies move from one place to another, you can miss the fire. In this case, you should have to be the best shooter to not miss the fire and kill your enemies most easily.



It will be interesting for you to have a good aim. This is the only way you can kill your enemy is a better way. Many users are not good at aim. This is not a problem at this time. You can simply use the auto-aim feature to kill your enemies easily. After enabling this feature, you only have to do that you put your gun toward your enemy and it will automatically shoot the enemy with no worries. You just have to press the fire button. This feature will you professional.

Diamond Coins

It also provides the feature of free diamonds and coins to its users. You can get the 99999 diamond and the number of coins without paying anything. This is a gift from the developers to users. You can use your diamonds in multiple ways. Like, you can buy the skin of guns, unlock the characters, and many other uses are available. In this way, you can improve the physical appearance of your character.

Use Of  Coins

The things you can buy are a suit, T-shirt, hat for the character, pants, and many other costumes to make your character different. You can increase and unlock the unique abilities of your character by using many unlock features. Moreover, with the help of its feature, you can buy coins.


Confusion For New Users

It is a little bit difficult game for users who are new to this game. New users have to play with players, who are playing many times. So you will have to improve your skills to be a professional. Otherwise, you will have to use the aimbot. You can target your enemies and can shoot them easily with the help of this feature. I had killed 17 enemies in one game, using this feature.

God Mode Option

It provides the feature of the God mode option. Using this feature you will have unlimited health. Your health will be full if you get hit. This feature makes you feel free from worries about your health. This is a worry for you whether you will die or not. This is the best feature of the game because you can play easily and will never die. You will have to read more descriptions to know why you should not use this feature many times.


It provides the features of the Garena shell. With the help of this feature, you can buy many upgrades and in-game purchases as well. Users are allowed to buy gear, weapons, supplies, and many more options using this feature. You can have a lot of things free in the upgraded version. I would like to you can have unlimited but not many features using the upgraded version. M4A1 and MPW guns can be unlocked using this feature.

Upgraded Version

In this game, it would be difficult for you to enjoy all characters. This is good for all users to enjoy all the characters using the updated version. To increase your medic, damage, and many other things, all of you need to enjoy all the characters. This will increase the experience of your gaming.

Updated Menu

It helps its users by providing the feature upgraded menu in the upgraded version. It will be easy for the users to turn on and off any feature at any time during playing the game. You can use wallhack and at the same time you can turn it off if you don’t want to use this feature. Users can do all this using a single click. You can adjust this according to your own.

Wall skill

It provides the feature of a wall skill to its users. Where users can easily use the walls. In the game, all players need walls to protect themselves from the attack of their enemies. You will be saved from the shooting of your enemies. You can always use this feature and also turn it off whenever you want.


In this game, after matchmaking, you will have to match with 50 players just like the PUBG mobile. Your battlefield will be an Island, where you have to jump from a helicopter.

In PUBG mobile, the timing of the matchmaking is for 30 minutes. In this game, you will have 15 minutes for your matchmaking. 40-50 seconds will require for your matchmaking.

It is just an outstanding game, where you can unlock unlimited characters.

Stay In Battlefield

You should have to stay on your battlefield are, if you are looking for weapons. In this way, you will be able to loot the weapons and other resources of your enemies. You can also loot the airdrops that are coming from the sky. Loot these airdrops with additional care, your enemy can attack you at this time. Your ranking will be great if many of your group members stay alive.

Voice Chat

After enabling the voice chat feature, you can create a squad of 4 people and can easily speak with each other. In this way, you can speak to your friends to discuss the strategies to win the game.

Graphics And Audio

You will find smooth graphics and audio using the game. This file has eye-catching graphics. You can also listen to the voice of your friends. You will enjoy the world of the game.

Characters And Skills

  • The best part of the game is that you mostly use the weapons that we are using in real life. These weapons are M16A4, scar light, AWM, M4A1, and many others weapons.
  • Skin unlock is the best part of this game.
  • You can pick up many guns in the game on your battlefield.
  • To grow in the game and to look awesome, you will get many accessories after downloading the game.
  • You will get safety by using ammo, helmets, and armor sets.
  • You will get transport like a jeep car and bikes in the games at the location.
  • As you will use vehicles that will produce sound, your enemy will know your location.
  • You can customize the setting for your individer.

Free To Use

It is a free game available on the google play store. Simply search in the play store and you will have your game. But if you want to have the upgraded version just like candy crush and clash of clans, you can download this game from our website as well. So feel free to click on the download button to enjoy the many unlocked characters. Moreover, this is very popular on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


Garena free fire is a simple game for people who want to enjoy action games. All of the characters and resources are available to entertain a person. So don’t be late, just click on the download button and be a part of the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is it safe to download It Apk from

Yes, you can easily download It from apkmod24 and we are providing the latest version of this game.

Q. Can we use all features of the?

Yes, Garena Free Fire Apk allows all the users to enjoy all the features of this game.

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