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Grammarly is an application designed to remove all the mistakes in English writing. This app will help you in correcting punctuation, commas, and synonyms and will also provide you with a plagiarism checker.
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Grammarly is an application designed to remove all the mistakes in English writing. This app will help you in correcting punctuation, commas, and synonyms and will also provide you with a plagiarism checker.


Introduction To Grammarly

It is an application designed for users to correct their sentences and grammar as well. Some people are not good at English writing and assume that they may have some mistakes in their sentences. Now, it is time to get out of this. Now everyone can write English in the best and most professional way.


This app will help you in punctuating your sentences as well as correcting your mistakes. You will be happy to know that you can use this app on your smartphone for free. For beginners, who are starting their journey in English writing and also made mistakes, this app is a gift for them. These days, many people write a lot of things using their smartphones.


It helps its users to write anything for sending tests, emails, chats, and many other things with the help of their smartphones. If you want to write English in full confidence and professionally, you will love your work using this app. This app will find your mistake within a second if you write a paragraph in the wrong interception. If you not using this app, you can download it to improve your work. You can download the upgraded version from our website. Grammarly is trending as the best app to check grammar these days. No app competes with this file. Many people use it on their computers and laptops, but now it is good news for people using smartphones. All smartphone users can use this app on their devices easily.


If you write wrong spelling and punctuation, this app will mark them within no time. Many users do small mistakes like not putting a comma, synonyms, space after the dead-end, and many other mistakes, and this app will correct them easily.


Overview Of Grammarly

  • It will help you to write anything without any mistakes.
  • You will have the ability to add synonyms.
  • It will check your grammar and spelling.
  • You can punctuate your paragraphs.
  • Smooth working.
  • You can improve your skills in writing.
  • You will find the suggestion for new vocabulary.
  • Check synonyms and definitions by double-clicking.
  • It provides you with a personal dictionary.
  • Dark and light modes are available.
  • Grammarly is free.



Find Errors

Grammarly provides features for its users to solve their problems in a short time. This app provides you the suggestion for synonyms and sentence structure and also can find more than 300 errors. If you want to be a professional writer, this app will not help you in this way.


4 Main Solutions

It not only makes your data read easily but also grammar check, spell check, editing advanced punctuations and error check are the main 4 features of Grammarly. Suggesting synonyms is the best feature of this app. Users can also expand their vocabulary and improve the articles’ quality. You can improve your communication skills by using this app.


It will suggest suitable and appropriate synonyms for your data, and this is the best part of It.
You can add your words to the dictionary of this app. Moreover, you can save documents in it to use later.
You can choose a dark as well as a light theme. To make it easier for your eyes, you can use the feature in whatever you want.

Improve Your Skills

Enhance and improve your vocabulary and improve your communication skills with the help of this app. It will mark all the mistakes that you have not noticed.


Plagiarism Checker allows you to use more than 27 languages. You can use this app from all around the world without any problem.

Formal Writing

It allows you to use more formal sentences. It will increase the level of formal words if you write something casual.

Increase Vocabulary

In 80+ languages it helps you to correct spelling mistakes as well as grammar. Suggestions for better work are available here and you can increase the vocabulary of your sentences. It will detect even the smallest error in your sentences and provide you with a personal dictionary. You can easily share all of your documents using this app. You have to not pay anything.


It is very simple and user-friendly. You can use this app with the help of two browsers, one is an editing browser, and the second one is a browser checker. To add this file to your keyboard, enable it from the setting.


Use a dark theme or light mode on your keyboard. It will check all the mistakes as you write your sentences. At the same time, it will check the grammar mistakes as well as the punctuation of sentences. The best feature available in this app is that it suggests you synonyms. To increase your grip on English and increase your communication skills, this is the best app designed for you.

Time Savor and Use On Multiple Devices

It saves your time and saves your all documents at the same time. This app works on every device like android, iOS, and PC. It will provide you with several features. You can do the setting to write formally or informally. Users are allowed to write in both ways. You can write casual sentences as well. In the paid version, you will find a plagiarism checker also.


Writing sentences provides you the irrelevant synonyms. During writing the sentences you will have to take care of this. You will it slow sometimes. You can’t improve your English if you rely on it. It provides the wrong suggestion of commas.


Free To Download

You can download this app free from the google play store. Play store will ask you to pay some money for the upgraded version. You will be amazed to know that you can download the paid and latest version from this blog for free. You just have to click on the download button to enjoy the journey of improving your language. It is very popular on Facebook and Instagram.
To download the upgraded version you will have to uninstall the previous version. After that, you will have to follow some steps.

  • Click on the download
  • button available above.
  • Enable the unknown resources from your setting.
  • Allow all the permissions it requires.
  • Enjoy your Plagiarism Checker.


Everyone needs Grammarly Plagiarism Checker these days, even if you are a professional writer, student, or teacher. This app is going to change your life as well as will save you time. This is a tested app and contains a legal license. You will not face any problems regarding your writing skills, finding synonyms, and punctuation of sentences. Moreover, you will enjoy all the features of this app. If you want to change your life in English writing. Simply click on the download button and enjoy. If you like the upgraded version, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is it safe to download It from

Yes, you can easily download it from apkmod24 and we are providing the latest version.

Q. Can we use all features?

Yes, Grammarly allows all users to enjoy all the features.


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