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Muslim is an app designed by developers to get all the notifications for prayers. Users will also get different dua’s and at the same time, they will get the holy Quran with translation. You choose any language to understand in a better way.





It is an app designed for Muslims for many reasons. Islam is the most-ranked religion in the world. The only thing that is practiced mostly in the world is religion. To honor ALLAH, there are strict rules for praying. In Islam, a calender is fixed for eating, working, sleeping, and praying. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for people to find the right time for prayers. This app will help many people to offer their prayers on time. At the time of prayer, you will find a notification on your android device for the exact time of prayer. It allows you to enable the notification for many other things to honor ALLAH.

To know more about this app, you will have to read the comprehensive reviews.


It will provide you with all the amazing features to have all guidelines related to Islam. You will be able to find many features in this app including the history of Islam as well as the different aspects of religion. Here, you will also find the exact time of prayers by using this amazing app. You will become a dedicated follower of Islam using this app.

Muslim also provides you the feature to have all the Islamic activities at the exact time. You can use this app from all over the world. This app will also provide you the guidance and instructions in the voice notes. You can use this app in a lot of languages, in this way you will be able to use this app more perfectly.

Muslim apps will entertain many people from all over the world. This app is free for all users. To use this app, you must have the updated version of your android to enjoy the latest version of this app on your device smoothly. You will have to a certain amount to unlock all of its features. Download both basic and paid versions from the Google Play store.

Requirements Of Muslim

This app will ask you for many permission to use it on your android devices more constantly. Allow all the permissions to this app to have all the in-app features. Let it use your location. In this way, you will be able to perform all the religious activities on time in your time zone. You will be able to download the offline prayers and guidelines if you enable it to have access to your storage.

A stable internet connection is the most important thing to get all the notifications on time, using your android devices.

Features Of Muslim

All the detailed features of this app are given below.

Prayers On Time

It will help you to offer all of your prayers on time, according to your time zone. For all the worshipers of ALLAH, it will help you with the exact calculated time to offer your prayers. For the prayers, punctuated time is very important. So it will you to start prayers at the exact time. This app provides you with the feature of voice muezzin as a notification. You will have the voice of muezzin exactly at the time of prayer. It will make you not resist the notifications of prayers and other religious activities.

Holy Quran In Muslim

It provides the holy Quran in its features. Holy Quran is very important in the religion of Islam. Without the holy Quran, religion is incomplete. You will also be able to have all the text versions of this book. If the user is unable to read the holy Quran, this app will help him through the voice recitation of the holy Quran. To make your readings more convenient, you will find translations in different languages that will explain the difficult part of the holy Quran.

Many people are not practicing reciting the holy Quran for time. During this duration, many of them have forgotten the real pronunciation. Built-in color tajweed will help to pronounce all the difficult words in the best way. You will read the holy Quran just like a true Muslim worshiper.

Count Your Dhikr

Muslim app will help many users to have the features of the tasbih option. Here you will be able to count all the dhikr more efficiently. You will count different dhikr.



Engage With Community

Muslim app will help you to engage with all Muslims from all over the world. At the same time, this app will help to get a map to find all the halal restaurants and mosques near you. In this way, all Muslim practitioners can easily locate all the Muslim establishments. This app will also help you to join other Muslim communities to honor ALLAH.

Find Direction To Mecca

All Muslim communities love to offer prayers directed toward Mecca. This is the holy place of the religion. Many times as people go to the outstation and are unable to find the right direction toward Mecca. Muslim app will help you to get out of this. You will find the exact directions of mecca to perform the prayers and other religious activities in the best way. Overall, this is the best app for all Muslims.

Hijri Calendar In Muslim

Muslim provides the feature of Hijri calendars to its users. These days, it is very difficult to remember the Hijri dates. This app helps to have a calendar as well as will notify you about important Islamic dates. Important dates like eid ul fitar, eid ul azha, and many Islamic dates. This will help you not forget about these dates. This app will also provide the schedule to all Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. In different areas, the time to practice fasting is different. So this file will help to find all the schedules.

Greeting Cards In Muslim

This app provides the feature to create greeting cards for its users. Users can create greeting cards for different Islamic festivals. They can also share these cards with their friends and family. It can provide you with many designs. After selecting a design you will be able to share these cards with your circle.

More than 70 million users are using this app. You will be part of a great community. All users can pray together as well as for each other. In the Muslim app, you can meet many people from all over the world.

Use Different Languages

This app is designed in the Arabic language. The Muslim community is too large and is from different areas, and speaks different languages. To make it easier for everyone, you can translate it into every language. It includes French, Spanish, English, German, Indonesian, Bahasa Melayu, and many other languages. You can translate it into any language after using the feature of localization. It will provide you with the total translations.




Free To Use

After a complete discussion, you can download it from the google play store on your android devices. Without paying anything, you can download this app, and it will be trouble-free.

Download From Our Website

If you want to use the trouble-free paid version. You can download it from our website, having all the features. This app is ads-free. So don’t be late and click on the download button available above.


This app is very useful to get in touch with the religion of all Muslims. This app will let you know many things about religion. You will enjoy your religion using this app. If you like this app, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.


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