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Nova Launcher is the best app to change the look of android devices. It provides a lot of themes, colors, and widget styles to give a smart look to your android devices.


Introduction To Nova Launcher

It is the best alternative for users of Androids, who are got hesitant by using the older launcher. Now it is time to move forward, especially using the upgraded version of this app.

Nova Launcher

With countless themes and icons, Android users can enjoy customizing their devices in a new way as well as look. You will enjoy all its features in a complete review.


It is an app for android users, where they can change the look of their devices, and it is necessary. This app provides the feature of changing the graphic effects, giving access to widgets, customizing the icon, changing the background, adjusting colors and tones, and many more. In this way, Android users will feel the intuitive, smooth, responsive, and professional experience using their phones. After turning on your mobile, you will feel comfortable.


With a few exceptions, It supports all android devices available in the market. Even the devices you are not using for a long time, this app will work on them as well. You can install this app also in a simple way. After the installation, you have to open and activate the app. The look of your phone will change in a while. After restarting your launcher settings, it will be activated.



Developers have designed It is the best way and this app is very user-friendly. Users will enjoy the effects. When they will enjoy the messy screen, the best user-friendly interface, and a smooth experience. Moreover, the best and top features of this app are given below.

Change Icons

After spending time, users do not enjoy the icons available on their screens. After spending some time, our brains get familiar with the same thing by watching all the time. That is the main reason that many icons become boring and repetitive for us.

Nova Launcher

It provides the feature of customizing icons. With the help of this feature, users can change the app icons whenever they want. Your phone screen will become more relaxing after using this feature.

Create Folders

Using the original launcher, users get bored with finding the apps from the original setup. It has a feature to put the apps in relevant folders. In this way, you can find your apps easily in the correct folders.
Instead of spending a lot of time finding the apps, users can find their apps in folders in a smart way. Moreover, you can also create subfolders, if you have a long list of apps.

Change Colors

It provides the feature of having different colors for android devices. Color opinions vary from user to user. This is why developers have made it easy for all users to choose the colors accordingly. You can choose a light and soft color for your android devices.

Change Background

Using It, you cannot only change the color of your home screens. But you can also change the background, and color of your scroll bars, folders, widgets, and many more. You can choose a suitable composition for your device.

Customize Animation

It provides the feature of customizing the animation to its users. Users can change the scrolling and transition effect of the tabs. While on the same time, they can adjust the applications of your devices. Changing animation makes your device more eye-catching as well as awesome.

Add Widgets

It allows you to add many widgets, using the widgets library on your devices. To improve your activities on your devices, you can add widgets. The feature allows you to create the home screen in the best way using the widgets.

Create Docks

Scrollable docks can also be created on your smartphone screen. For a continuous workflow, you can scroll between the docks easily. Moreover, you can also create the dock for your widgets as well as add the widgets to the docks.

Free To Use

Developers have designed It in the best way. It is speedy to use. You can scroll and move between the widgets and docks fastly and smoothly. You will experience the best speed of this app. Users can test this app on old devices of android. It will perform speedily, more than your expectation.

Beyond Your Expectations

If you want to access the best and most amazing features. You can unlock it from the google play store. You can create many shortcuts to open your widget and apps using the unlocked version. It allows you to perform swiping, pinching, and tapping on the home screen to enjoy shortcuts.

Nova Launcher


Customized Notification Bar

Users will get amazing notifications about unread messages, missed calls, unread emails, and so on. It will completely change the look of your android devices. With a little effort, you can manage all of your social and communication activities using your smartphones. If you want to hide the apps, you like no one to access them during using your mobile. It will enable the security feature as well as hide the app icon away.

Free To Use

It is available free on the Google play store. And you will have to pay some amount to unlock all its features. And at the same time, you want to have all features and don’t want to spend a single penny. You can download it from our website fully free. Locate the download button above and enjoy the features of this app. You can install this app in the same way you download other apps from the download button. Also, get reviews from Facebook.

A million users are active and using this app. They are facing the problem of bugs. Developers have given a quick response and have fixed the bugs. At this time, It is the best app for androids.


Among the Android 8 and older versions, this app will work smoothly on these devices. The launcher creates problems in use and creates inconsistency in newly launched hardware.

Users have the old version of Android. They might face problems with the features and customizations of this app. For Low-end android devices, it might be difficult to flow in the best way.


To enjoy the all features of Nova Launcher Apk. Click on the download button above to enjoy your device in a new way. You will be never disappointed using this app.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is it safe to download it from

Yes, you can easily download it from apkmod24 and we are providing the latest version of this app.

Q. Can we use all features?

Yes, this app allows all the users to enjoy all the features.

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