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WPS Office Apk is the mobile application available to enable all the files on your android device. You can use a word, excel, power points, forms, and many other files using the WPS Office Apk. It also enables you to edit to make changes to your documents using your android device. This file will help to not carry your laptop every time everywhere.
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WPS Office Apk is the mobile application available to enable all the files on your android device. You can use word, excel, power points, forms, and many other files using It. It also enables you to edit to make changes to your documents using your android device. This file will help you to not carry your laptop every time everywhere.


It is an application designed for its user to work on their mobile phones, instead of laptops. It is very difficult to carry your laptop with you to complete the tasks. Moreover, to use your documents you look around the store to find a good app. So, you will be amazed to know that this is the best file to download on your android device to manage documents.

WPS Office Apk
After downloading this app, you will be enabled to use all the office files. Like you can use the word, excel, forms, PowerPoint, and many other things. You will enjoy using your all-office files on your mobile phone.


It allows its users to work on their office files free on their mobile phones. This app helps you to use your cloud storage, gallery, online editing, and online sharing feature as well. After doing this, you will feel like you have professionally completed your task.
It allows its users to learn in-app features.

WPS Office Apk

After learning and using this feature, you will be able to complete your task cleanly and quickly in no time. You can do remote computer work, online studies, office tasks, and e-learning as well. You will comfortably experience the work using It.


You can download this file easily using the google play store without paying anything. If will start downloading on your mobile phone. After completion, you will be able to use all of its amazing features. But if you get tired of ads shown in the app, you upgrade to an in-app purchase to work more comfortably and with more features on your device.
Secondly, do not forget to allow all permissions before using the app. This will enable to use of all the features of this app. So, accept all the permissions before you get started.
One more necessary work is to update your android device to the 5.0 or above version to enjoy all its features.



Now it’s time to share the amazing features.

Edit Easily On WPS Office

It helps its users to work easily and comfortably on this site. This powerful app is functional and compatible with many other office sites. After enabling another office you can work with any files. These files include ms office, Google docs, Google sheets, google forms, adobe pdf, office suite, camscanner, and many others files. If you make this file useable, you can access the integrated documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and pdf files as well. It allows its user to use many different file formats. Users will be able to use doc, docs, WPT, dotm, docm, dot / Xls, xlsx, xlt, CSV, XML, et, ett /pdf/ppt, pot, DPS, DPT, pptx, potx, ppsx, txt, log, lrc, c, CPP, h, asm, s, Jawa, asp, bat, bats, prg, cmd, zip and many other files. These are the features that are available on laptops.

WPS Office Apk

Scan Your Documents

It takes care of its users. It provides you with the best pdf app and many other advanced features that you can use. First of all, you have to scan your device to find all the pdf files. The free pdf reader can convert all of your documents into pdf files. This will be suitable for users to view and print these pdf files. By using this app you can scan your physical documents and convert them into pdf. This will save you from carrying all the documents with you.

Edit Pdf Files

It also allows its user to make edits to their documents to improve their pdf files. To understand the context in a better way, you can make many annotations on the parts of your documents. You can also add signs, and add or remove watermarks on your documents easily by using this app. You can also add the edits like extracting, splitting, merging, and converting your pdf file into docs and many other formats.

Powerpoint Features

It provides you with the PowerPoint having all the features. This offers you many useful features, that you will never find on the version available on your PC. In the selected slides, you can also customize the layouts, transitions, and many other effects to make your presentation fantastic. To draw on your presentation, allows you to use laser point and ink effects as well. Other options to create documents using WIFI, NFC, DLNA, and Miracast are also available.


To perform simple and basic settings, users can fully utilize all the features to make their sheets and forms more effective. If you want to perform changes to your files in the very easiest way, you can use the in-app features of this app. For data management and calculations, you can use many formulas available. You can also create a questionnaire with amazing themes available in the application. These two tools integrate.

Bookmark By WPS Office

You can facilitate many of your documents to add bookmarks. Bookmarks can be used on different pages of files. These files include pdf, word, slides, books, and many other files. You can easily revert these files.
User can easily manage their content by using the features. You can easily remove the files from the archive. Users are allowed to merge the files. You can also reduce the size of your files to add many other files to your device.

Image Editing

It provides you with the option of image editing. You can simply start your image editing after converting it into docs, sheets, and ppt files. This helps you quickly edit the photos on your mobile device.
After the backup of your files, you will have no fear of losing these files ever, using the feature of this app. If you transfer your files to recycle bin, it will be easy for you to recover those files. Just because of the file repair option, you can edit your unusual files.

Adjust Background

Backgrounds can be read by the many options available in the app. You can easily turn your files horizontally or vertically. The feature helps you to adjust the view of your content.

Cloud Space

It provides 1GB of free cloud storage to its user if they are interested in working online. In this way, you can easily store and share files. If you are interested in working with a group, you have to enable the group editing feature. You can share your documents in several ways like WhatsApp, emails, any desk, and many more.

Online Edits

Users are welcome to start editing their files available on online drives. These are google drive, drive, Evernote, and many other drives. After editing, it will save them automatically. Documents available on different cloud sites will be more accessible.

Languages In WPS Office

Sometimes, you want to edit the documents available in another language. You can simply change the language to edit your files easily. It provides you with more than 51 languages to work with. You can choose any language from the 51 languages.

Change Fonts

To make your file more productive, you can use the in-app features. You can get multiple fonts to change the algorithm of your file easily. Users can do it easily by using the font setting. the user can easily create presentation templates, that will be eye-catching.

Free To Use

You have to deal with some features that are not available in the free version. You can upgrade to the paid version. If you want to have the updated version free. You can get it from this blog. This will allow you to use your office work uniquely and professionally. People are posting the best reviews of this app on Facebook and Instagram.


WPS Office Apk is the best application for users who can’t afford MS Office 365. This is a gift by the developers to manage your office more comfortably. So just click on the download button and enjoy your office using your android device.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is it safe to download it from apkmod24.com?

Yes, you can easily download it from apkmod24 and we are providing the latest version of this app.

Q. Can we use all features?

Yes, It allows all the users to enjoy all the features of this app.


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