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Youtube Vanced Apk is the app designed by the developers to provide you with YouTube in a smooth way. Here you can play music in the background, remove ads, change the theme of your app, zoom in and out, and many more features are available that the YouTube site doesn't provide.
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Youtube Vanced Apk is an app designed by the developers to provide you with YouTube in a smooth way. Here you can play music in the background, remove ads, change the theme of your app, zoom in and out, and many more features are available that the YouTube site doesn’t provide.

Introduction To Youtube Vanced

YouTube is now a necessary application for everyone. People use this file in their free time and at the same time, they use it for their help. You can watch any kind of video on youtube. Just like Facebook and Instagram, youtube is the most used app. In your daily use routine, you will find many drawbacks of YouTube.
Youtube Vanced Apk
To sort this out, developers have made the app for their users to enjoy YouTube without any hesitation. You will find many alternatives. I will let you know about all of its features in a complete review.


It allows its users to have all the features that are available on YouTube downloaded from the Google Play store. Developers have created a more smooth and less bulky interface. Now users will experience YouTube in a better way.
This app is free from all the things, that users hate. In this version, you will feel free from the ads, dull interface, and many others. In this way, you will use youtube more conveniently.
Youtube Vanced Apk
It is an app designed just like the original YouTube for users, to use this app easily. You will amaze to know that this file can be used on both root and non-root devices. You just have to download this file from this blog.
To use this file, you will have to download the micro G file. This file will help you to get a login. You will have to complete all the settings first and after completion, you can use and enjoy it.


After the complete overview, I’ll share the features.

Looks Like Youtube

It is designed based on the original version by the developers. They have created its interface clear and user-friendly. You will have all the features available on YouTube. As this file has the same interface just like the official version. Users can enjoy this file easily and comfortably.
Youtube Vanced Apk

 Video Play Back

Sometimes, during watching the video you have complete any other important task. Simply you have to enable the feature of floating windows to solve this problem. After enabling it, you can watch videos available on the display content on your android device. And at the same time, you can complete your task. So, you can enjoy youtube during browsing and creating important notes.

Background Play Feature

It allows its users to play music in the background. Sometimes, you have to complete any task, and you want to listen to music at the same time. This feature is not available in the official app. Here you easily turn off the device screen and enjoy the music. This is an extraordinary feature for people who always listen to music on YouTube.

Control Resolution

It has an amazing feature to control the resolution of the video. Additionally, the maximum resolution of the device can easily be changed according to your device screen. The amazing feature available is that you can use the 18:9 screen ratio for a larger screen. Hence, using this feature users will enjoy the resolution control and zoom in and out at the same time.

Remove or Adjust Ads

It allows its users to remove all the ads available on the official site. These ads always disturb the user while watching the video. If you support or like some ads, you can watch ads from that channel with no hesitation.


It provides its user with swipe control. By using this feature users can comfortably adjust the pieces of their video. By swiping on the left side of the screen, the user can adjust the brightness. Users can adjust the volume by swiping on the right side. You can adjust your video without hesitation.

Change Theme

It allows its users to enjoy youtube more creatively. You can change the themes of your app in a customized way. This includes black, white, and dark themes. You can use black and dark themes to soothe the eyes. The white theme is an evergreen theme to protect your eyes. You can also select others according to your mind.


It also provides you with the feature of an auto-repeat option. If you like a video or song, you want to enjoy it again. Simply enable the auto-repeat option. You will also be allowed to enable the auto-repeat option, whenever you want. In this way, you can listen to tracks and MV files easily with the auto-repeat option.

Zoom In And Out

Developers allow their user to zoom in and out of their videos using their android device. This is a very useful file containing the best feature. You can also adjust the zoom according to your view. This feature will not usable for videos containing low resolutions. Because in this, you will unable to see anything.

Adjust Speed

It also allows the user to adjust the speed of the video. You can increase or decrease the speed of the video accordingly. You can also fix it for playback videos.
Youtube Vanced Apk

Help Developers

Thanking the developers for providing this amazing app to their users. You can download this file having all the free features available. Help the developers by sharing this amazing file with your friends and family.


After downloading, you must know all the settings. It will be difficult for new users to change their settings. Users must have complete knowledge of the setting of this app. To overcome this problem, you can watch the tutorials to understand the best way. You will feel a problem if we talk about the advanced settings. You will have to educate yourself to run this file.

Free To Use

As you can download YouTube from the Google play store. But you will not find this app on the play store and you will have to download it from other sources. You must download it from this blog if you want to enjoy the latest version. This app is very popular on Facebook and Instagram.
 Download MicroG.
For login, you must have to download microG. Otherwise, the button will not work.


Youtube Vanced is the best app to use and is highly recommended for YouTube users. Just click on the download button to enjoy youtube in a better way.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is it safe to download It from

Yes, you can easily download this app from apkmod24 and we are providing the latest version of this app.

Q. Can we use all features?

Yes, this app allows all the users to enjoy all the features of this app.

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